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Scottish Roots have been in the ancestral research business since 1984 – longer than any other genealogy company in Scotland. In almost 30 years Scottish Roots has undertaken over 20,000 investigations for Scots all over the world, including Sir Alex Ferguson and Donald Trump.

Experienced genealogy researchers provide you with detailed ancestral research, searching only authentic records from Scotland's main record office, New Register House. Here, Scottish Roots search for birth, marriage and death certificates, as well as census returns, parish registers and tombstone inscriptions.

Experienced genealogists provide you with detailed ancestral research. Merely "names and dates" can be a little boring, but records in Scotland can also unearth fascinating detail such as occupations, addresses, religion, cause of death etc.

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It happened this month in Scotland...

  • 1. (1695) Bank of Scotland founded by an Act of the Scottish Parliament.
  • 2. (1881) Birth in Kirkintilloch of Tom Johnston, Secretary of State for Scotland from 1941 to 1945.
  • 3. (2002) Lonnie Donegan, skiffle group leader and Britain’s first pop superstar, died.
  • 4. (1965) Scottish child popstar Lena Zavaroni was born.
  • 5. (1879) The death at 48 of mathematician and physicist James Clerk Maxwell.
  • 6. (1887) Celtic Football Club was formerly constituted.
  • 7. (1974) Novelist and playwright Eric Linklater died.
  • 8. (1736) Poet and playwright Allan Ramsay opened Scotland’s first public theatre in Edinburgh’s Carrubber’s Close.
  • 9. (1847) First child to be born with the aid of anaesthesia was delivered by Sir James Young Simpson in Edinburgh.
  • 10. (1871) Journalist Henry M. Stanley found the missing Scottish missionary, David Livingstone.
  • 11. (1918) World War One ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.
  • 12. (1869) First women admitted to Edinburgh University to study medicine – even if they passed their exams they were prohibited from serving on the wards.
  • 13. (1850) Birth of author and poet Robert Louis Stevenson in Edinburgh.
  • 14. (1770) James Bruce reportedly discovered the source of the Nile in North West Ethiopia, later proved to have been mistaken.
  • 15. (1996) The Stone of Destiny finally returned to Scotland.
  • 16. (1891) Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show opened in Glasgow.
  • 17. (1292) John Balliol acceded to the Scottish throne.
  • 18. (1785) Sir David Wilkie, the Scottish painter, was born.
  • 19. (1960) National Service was brought to an end.
  • 20. (1776) Birth of William Blackwood, publisher and bookseller.
  • 21. (1835) Death of James Hogg, poet known as The Ettrick Shepherd, and author of The Confessions of a Justified Sinner.
  • 22. (1515) Mary of Guise, French Queen Consort of James V, was born.
  • 23. (1909) Nigel Tranter, historical novelist, was born.
  • 24. (1942) Comedian Billy Connolly was born.
  • 25. (1835) Businessman and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline.
  • 26. (1917) Elsie Inglis, Scottish nursing pioneer, died.
  • 27. (1703) A huge storm, causing the loss of 8,000 lives in 24 hours, hit Britain.
  • 28. (1666) The King’s Army defeated the Covenanters at the Battle of Rullion Green in the Pentlands.
  • 29. (1599) King James VI granted Charter of Royal Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons.
  • 30. (1872) The first international football match between Scotland and England was drawn nil-nil at Glasgow’s West of Scotland Cricket Ground.



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